As we move into Autumn/Winter, the products section this month features a great selection of home and fashion accessories. Click on each image to see description and price. To arrange a purchase or make an enquiry, simply complete the enquiry form, call 01628 638941 or visit the store!

Dip Bowls with Gold Leaf
Handmade necklaces
Gold  fist, hand, foot - great gifts!
Stone Amphora Pot with Faux Aloe
Polished Riverstone necklaces, handmade, unique
Chocolate/Cream Cushions
Bleached wood Lamp
Bronze Pineapples
Lily and Lionel Leopard Shirt
Ornamental Pot with Botanical Horns
Anna Beck Jewellery
Bespoke Cream and Charcoal Cushion
Bespoke Paisley Linen Lampshades, gold lining
Fuschia, lime, taupe cushions
Linen block printed Paisley cushions
Black Iron Lanterns with Glass Cylinder
Apples & Pears
Urchin Vase with Ripsalis